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Can I use government-issued national identity card for the account verification process?

SASNM Member Posts: 1
edited December 2020 in Ask The Community
Hi! I'm Salitha and I'm from Sri Lanka. On 25th of June, I got registered in Payoneer and within an hour my application was approved too. So, now I'm supposed to do the verification process. When it comes to account verification process, I'm required to submit a government-issued photo ID. And the only options I'm shown are a driver's license and a passport. I currently don't have a passport and due to a mental health condition, I haven't had a driver's license too. Only photo ID I have at the moment is my government-issued national ID. Will it work when it comes to account verifying?



  • Harmenr
    Harmenr Member Posts: 4
    Yes, Normally Payoneer accepts the Gov Issued Photo ID .. As in my case, I provided the Gov Issues ID Card and it worked.