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Can't pay using my Payoneer account. -PLEASE READ FIRSTLY

MarekAB Member Posts: 3
Hello guys!
(Before I started know Payoneer has some wirecard issues, I read that theard)
I tried to make a payment using a website, but got an error saying: my billing information does not match my one in credit card (even it's correct 100/100): here is a screenshot:

Tried to use Paypal which is linked with the same card, same issue.
I don't know if this is started to happen only today, because one month ago I tried to paid an invoice using my paypal (again which is linked with my Payoneer credit card) but got an error, don't know why.

The common thing between these issues is all sellers are from the US.

I used to pay all my payments with Payoneer with zero issue, but recently, things are being changed.

Anyone had the same as mine?


  • Masevaforum
    Masevaforum Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Yes, me! Today three times it has been declined in stores. I was wondering what is going on. Thought this was only with my card, but I feel a little relief to see I am not the only one. Let's see what will happen. Hope this is going to be solved very soon!!
  • Ulliel
    Ulliel Member Posts: 7
    The cards are blocked because of the Wirecard scandal. Read the latest email.
  • nomadbird
    nomadbird Member Posts: 2
    It is said that we are able to withdraw our money to our bank accounts but unfortunately it is not true! Please let us get our money. I have been working so hard to get this money and thought that it is safe to keep here, trusted Payoneer and now I am freaking out since I have no access to my money.