URGENT - Cant withdraw to bank, getting error every time since today.

arslanmarslanm Member Posts: 5
Hi, I am trying to withdraw money to my bank account but i am getting below error since today, tried multiple times. Cleared cache, cookies, mobile app etc... all but nothing helps. My Card is NOT expired, I just made a successful withdrawal few hours ago today as well to same bank account.

" We’re sorry but the application has encountered an error in processing your request. Please try again later. "

Please fix this issue immediately and help me withdraw my money. Its URGENT issue. thanks much

I saw you have helped other users faster on same issue, so please kindly help me too asap @GianmarcoPayoneer @LauraPayoneer


  • webworkmanwebworkman Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    There is bigger problem. Check other threads, everything is frozen. Cards. Withdrawal. Google Wirecard bankruptcy.
  • topfreelancerjatopfreelancerja Member Posts: 6
    Hi, there is an issue with the card issuer called Wirecard. We do not yet have any affirmative information regarding how the issue will be handled. We are being assured that our funds are safe however we are not allowed to make any transactions using our pre paid mastercards. I am not sure what regions are affected but it seems as though millions worldwide are affected even those who do not use payoneer. My hope is that payoneer will use another card issuer and send us new cards very soon. Many of use use payoneer as our main banking option so I do not forsee not having access to our funds for too long. That will be devastating.
  • unstopabl3unstopabl3 Member Posts: 23 ✭✭

    @Nissim @Leonid_Payoneer

    I'm having the same issue and I just received an email from " [email protected] " stating the Wirecard issue. Isn't it a bit too late to inform your users about this?

    How do you expect your users to accept this unprofessional statement with no timeline when our funds will be usable?

    Why are we not even able to withdraw the funds to a bank? Bank withdrawal don't utilize a credit card so why are you holding our hard earned money?

    Please answer before people including myself start to panic further!

  • Gennady123Gennady123 Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    edited June 27
    I tried to withdraw $500 and received the same error. But my balance is actually decreased by $500

    UPD: $500 seems to be back but wtf we should do now? All my earnings are on my Payoneer account
  • arslanmarslanm Member Posts: 5
    Payoneer help. Move money from my card 》 to my account Balance so i can withdraw it to my bank account immediately.

    I read FCA freeze issue. Above solution will give me my money back for withdraw, right??

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