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Around 15K USD missing from my account today after WireCard scandal

frozen_penguin Member Posts: 2
Hey, after finding out about the WireCard scandal I logged into my account and found that over 15,000 USD are missing from my balance. I can only see my cards 9750 limits as my total balance.

I checked my transactions list and everything is fine. Anyone else having this problem?


  • unstopabl3
    unstopabl3 Member Posts: 22 ✭✭

    Wow you surely kept a lot of money in there.

    I've got around $2.5k stuck in my account as well, can't withdraw to bank to send to anyone. Doesn't look good to be honest but I've got my fingers crossed.

    Try reaching out to Customer Support and keep us posted.

  • BrunoB
    BrunoB Member Posts: 5
    Yes, exactly the same happened to me today. I went to the store to get some stuff and my card was indeed rejected. I thought: meh, their terminal must be broke, and now I’m finding this out… I tried to withdraw my funds to my local bank and they're blocking that too.

    What makes it even worse for me is that I have a relatively big payment coming my way in a few days... I'm still on time to blitz switch to Paypal. I really feel that the info provided in Payoneer's email is way obscure and uncertain.

    Ugly scenario.
  • PlasticSoul
    PlasticSoul Member Posts: 9
    edited June 2020
    I had around 12K USD in my Payoneer -- 10K USD being in the card, and 2K USD being in the USD account. After hearing the news, I just wanted to try to use the "Manage Currencies" option, and tried to transfer all my money to my Payoneer EUR account (I don't have a card for that account). After trying that, I received an error message so transfer didn't happen, and then, I saw that my 2K USD were gone, and there was NO money in my EUR account. Now I see only 10K USD in my prepaid card (that I cannot withdraw because it's frozen), and 0 (ZERO) in my EUR account. My 2K USD have just been evaporated. Then I realized even my EUR account on Payoneer was from Wirecard Bank AG! It's getting worse and worse.
  • Benn
    Benn Member Posts: 8
    Same issue here. I only have the limit amount on the card (which probably doesn't work because of the current Wirecard issue). All my other money does not show anywhere ??? Please any of the support team give us an explanation. I don't understand why they changed things, especially during the weekend when they are not on chat.