Transferring fund from unactivated payoneer card to local bank

huzaifa_tahirhuzaifa_tahir Member Posts: 4
Is there any way, I can transfer funds to my local bank through my Payoneer master card fund. During signup, I unknowingly select payment through card option. After that, I apply for card 2 times but did not receive it . Now I have 3k in my USD account which is not activated due to no card received. Is there anyway I can transfer this fund to my local bank . what are the payment methods I can use ? If I change payment method ? will I able to send 3k into my local bank or even in another payoneer account.

Please help me . I am in very very very difficult situation.
I will be on road if do not receive this payment in near future .


  • asael2asael2 Member Posts: 1
    Payoneer what you are doing is very very unprofessional. I know you want to avoid massive withdraws. But to lock any attempt to withdraw is what will lead you to the worst scenario for your company. Please get responsive now!
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