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Wirecard Issue: Can I still receive payments even I don’t have a card yet?

rgvill89 Member Posts: 3
edited June 2020 in Ask The Community
I only use my receiving accounts to receive my Amazon payments and never ordered the card since then, I just use the bank transfer options to withdraw my money to my local bank account. Now the Wirecard issue aroused and some people getting emails (I haven’t received an email) that cards will be temporarily unavailable nor receive new payments. Am I affected of this since I haven’t requested for a card yet?


  • queenmercedes
    queenmercedes Member Posts: 2
    I guess for those who don't have any card everything remains the same. I got my withdrawal yesterday and requested another one later that day. No errors, no problems, no evil e-mails.
  • 74wajeeh
    74wajeeh Member Posts: 4
    Because of the Current situation with the Wirecard i want to know will i receive payments from my clients and from fiverr and will able to withdraw to my local bank. I already have bank account added to my payoneer account but i always received payments on my Payoneer card and then withdraw to my local bank account which is added in my payoneer account. So do i have to added bank account again or somewhere else in payoneer or i am good to go. Will i able to withdraw to my local bank account the payments that i will receive now, not talking about the money that i have in my payoneer account i am talking about the new payments that i have yet to receive.