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why my payoneer account is declined/blocked just after I have register to payoneer

shehbaz064280 Member Posts: 6
This is my 2nd time asking this question, yesterday when i asked 204 people watch my post but not a single answer i get from payoneer team, why???

hello dear payoneer team, can anyone resolved my issue that why you have decline my payoneer account request, I want to use your service for sending and receiving globally payments, I am a freelancer and only payoneer is the only option in my country to send or receive payments, you know that when there is no paypal and stripe service available in Pakistan so why you guys are stopping Pakistani people for using your payoneer payment option. I don't know what is your issues with us, if we will use your service is there no benefit for you even you are cutting our required taxes on every transaction from every person who uses payoneer.

I need a proper answer that why my request was declined. it is absolutely wrong to decline someone request without any proper reason. please resolve my issue. thanks