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Wirecard balance vs. Virtual Payoneer balance

bnikolay Member Posts: 3
I have EUR and USD debit cards issued by Wirecard. And I see some discrepancy.

I am not sure if I can attach a link to a screenshot, I'll try to explain with words:

In the EUR cell, it is written:

269.04 EUR
XXXX-9713 - 269.04 EUR available on card

In the USD cell, it says just:

2,754.45 USD

This is the link to screenshot if it's allowed –

The question is what does "269.04 EUR available on card" mean in EUR cell? Why there is no same note for USD card?

Does this mean that my USD balance is kept on Virtual Payoneer balance?

Has anybody found out what this means?


  • tagrendy
    tagrendy Member Posts: 7
    I think it means the USD funds are in virtual account and can be withdrawn into your local bank account.
  • bnikolay
    bnikolay Member Posts: 3
    I wish it were so. I don't even see the USD balance to choose for withdrawing from –

    However, there is EUR balance available but the it doesn't go through –
  • mohessaid
    mohessaid Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2020
    I have the same thing, but when I asked them they said it is on the card as well. I am not sure about the provided information, to be honest. I receive all my funds through the Global Payment Request service and when I go the list of my accounts I can see that the USD account last operation date is the same as my last fulfilled request.
    About the "Available on the card" missing label, they said that it was an update!! To let people receive payments???

    Anyway, you can't do anything right now until things get fixed or go south. Either way, we have to move on.