Global payment service option is not visible in my account

my customer id: 38550519
I have got a message from your side that I can use a global payment service. But now the review process is on its way and I can't see any option of global payment service in my account. I am really pissed off from your services. please review it and enable this option in my account as soon as possible.


  • alf123alf123 Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
    Have the same issue, I can¿t see the global payment service option. customer id 38457595
  • khalidhassan45khalidhassan45 Member Posts: 1
    أنا لدي نفس المشكلة وعندي متجر الكتروني واريد تفعيل بايونير في موقعي لاستلام المدفوعات من منصة شوبيفاي ولدي مال في حساب بي قال أريده تحويله بايونير
  • jonathan1979jonathan1979 Member Posts: 1
    i have the same issue i cant see the global payment service option.customer ID 38843460
    plss help me out...
  • ProCreatorProCreator Member Posts: 2
    What taking them so long to fix the issue? So many people are stressing out not having the global payment service option. It been like a month for me and still haven't receive anything from you guys.

    Customer ID 38380543
  • Frandieu1993Frandieu1993 Member Posts: 3
    I have a problem with my account, I don't have the global payment service. Please make something for me.
    ID Customer: 38583259
  • 1122334411223344 Member Posts: 2
    مرحبا بكم
  • 1122334411223344 Member Posts: 2
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