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Payoneer Skype is Asking for picture of Front and Back Of My Card !!! Is this secure ?

Halffat Member Posts: 3
In some of the discussion here i saw a comment with a user name "Payoneer" saying people to contact on skype to get the further updates/issues about this new card freeze thing, when I contact him via skype he is asking for the clear picture of my Payoneer card front and back I just want to ask is it safe, or real ???
this is the Skype Id :live:.cid.1971f13953059769
And this is the Chat


how can i help you

10:28 PM
i have a payment in payoneer and i was assuming that i can withdrawal them into my bank account but its not even allowing me to do that

Payoneer®, 10:28 PM
which error you are facing ?

10:28 PM
let me show you one sec please
the balance is in my card actually because every time i get payments its automatically comes to my card

Payoneer®, 10:32 PM
in your payoneer card ? or you are using any other ?

10:32 PM
sorry what ?
you mean any other currency ?

Payoneer®, 10:33 PM
As you said your money is auto transfer to your payoneer card , right ?

10:34 PM
yes for example when someone pays me in past it automatically comes to my card , so all the balance is in my card and i am not able to withdrawal it into my bank account even

getting this error

Payoneer®, 10:35 PM
you are using GBP ?

10:36 PM
No i am using USD

Payoneer®, 10:37 PM
ok please send me your account number in-which you want to transfer money and also clear photo of USD card , front and back both sides

10:37 PM
why back side ?
i guess this is very personal info

Payoneer®, 10:39 PM
its required to make sure its belong to you.

10:39 PM
but payoneer helpline never ask this before

Payoneer®, 10:41 PM
yes sir but due to new rules now strict rules are imposed

10:42 PM
are you for real ?
i mean you are a real person you just need my Account Id or email to check the details

Payoneer®, 10:43 PM
Sir you can confirm by department directly , you can open ticket and ask them about me


  • tagrendy
    tagrendy Member Posts: 7
    It's a scam of course, there is no chat customer support on Saturday, especially via Skype. Report him to Payoneer.
  • sarojstha
    sarojstha Member Posts: 9
    No, It's a scam