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Using Correspondent/ Intermediary Banks to withdraw to Local bank Accounts

Munyb Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

Hi All,

I just saw the news regarding the Payoneer Cards and this raises a question on how to withdraw funds.
I have been using Payoneer Card to withdraw cash in my country but now it is freezed, I would like to have another option to withdraw Payoneer Funds.

There is a withdrawal option directly to local banks from Payoneer. But the issue for my local bank is, they require the funds to be received through an intermediary/Correspondent Bank.

I would like to know whether Payoneer will include our correct correspondent/Intermediary bank details when we request a withdrawal to our beneficiary bank? Otherwise my beneficiary bank doesn't accept the funds and the withdrawal option becomes useless.
I know it can be done since all banks allow option for correspondent/Intermediary when doing SWIFT transfers.

Your urgent response is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Best Regards