Withdrawal approved but still pending; no email.

Yesterday (28.06) about 11:00 AM UTC+3 I've created a withdrawal request. It was almost instantly reviewed and approved, but remains pending ever since. Also, I've received no confirmation letter. Reading the forum I've learnt that it might take up to 24 hours to process it, but as for now my withdrawal request remains pending. Could you provide me any details on why does it take so long and what is the current status of my withdrawal? Regards, Alex.


  • poebeliliopoebelilio Member Posts: 4
    I am experiencing the same thing. I have made a withdrawal yesterday and it still says approved but still pending. However, I made another withdrawal earlier today and it reflected almost instantly on my bank account. Why did it reflect on my account first instead of the one that I made yesterday? Can you please help?

    Transaction ID : 208747150
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