I need to withdraw 40 USD

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I know that I can't withdraw less than 50 USD and I have 52 USD on my account, but, 9 of which are on the prepaid card which is, well, frozen due to the Wirecard AG situation which means that I can only withdraw 43 USD and of course I can't withdraw less than 50 USD from the dashboard, but, due to the current lockdown situation I need to withdraw the funds from my account, so, is there any way I can withdraw the current funds on my account to my local bank account?

Thanks in advance.


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    Same problem here, missing 5usd for a bank withdraw.

    And i have dedicated server to pay this week. It will probably will expire due to the payoneer's fault.
    Already asked to @Leonid_Payoneer him simply dont reply, i think because that i have less than 50 USD, when people's posts that have 10k+ him reply fast the posts.
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