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Family will starve, allow emergency withdrawal by card

nobodycaresaboutus Member Posts: 69 ✭✭
Vulnerable unbanked people like us are using services like Pockit and Payoneer. Even pockit allow people to use the card to withdraw money for emergencies.

I need emergency access to funds, I just received money but they did not load it into my card, they say this money cant be used with card. My family will starve, no one cares about the little man.

Heres an idea: give us option of adding money onto card vs keeping on bank balance, so it will be like a "card credit limit" feature, it can also help reduce fraud.

I feel my only option is to go to BBC and explain how my life is turned upside down by payoneer even though wirecard issue is solved, the the hopes that it will get them to listen !