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No IBAN for using Payoneer Global Payment Service for Amazon KDP Royalty payments

jayW Member Posts: 3
I sell ebooks on Amazon and need to set up payment details to receive the royalties I receive in GBP. I have tried to insert my account details for receiving pounds but Amazon is requesting an IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT code. It looks like my payoneer account number is too short?
How do I fix this as I have royalties due in GBP.


  • majpetit7
    majpetit7 Member Posts: 3
    Hola el pasado 29 de junio del 2020 me tocaba recibir pago de Amazon kindle ya la empresa realizó el pago el 29 y aun la fecha que va no me han dicho porque la tranferencia no ha llegado a payonner. Necesito ayuda
    TSHIBWID Member Posts: 4
    Hello i sell books on amazon and need to set up payment détails to receve the royalty in dolars in the démocratic républic of Congo.