Unable to pay Amazon AWS with any card

diegoauratdiegoaurat Member Posts: 5
Hello. We have been using Payoneer cards for a long time to pay for Amazon AWS services with no issues at all. Currently any of our company's cards are being declined. We've contacted Payoneer via chat and here's the reply:
"After reviewing the transaction in our processor's system, I see that the rejection is related to this specific purchase, apparently the category of this merchant is declined by the system." (translated from spanish)

I mean, come on guys, It's Amazon!

Anyone can give some light on this issue?
Thanks in advance.


  • diegoauratdiegoaurat Member Posts: 5
    Nevermind, after several try/errors we figured it out.
    In case anyone else stumbles with this issue our account address has been (somehow) shortened from Boulevard to BVARD. So it was a validation problem and not "The category of this merchant is declined by the system" :neutral:
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