Not able to receive payments VIA ACH, Direct bank debit or Credit Card

egbosi_kelechiegbosi_kelechi Member Posts: 1

I have not been able to receive payments into my Payoneer

- Opened a new Payoneer account
- Sent in an ID and completed the verification step.
- Added a bank account.

Then my payer tried to send me money to no avail:

My payer has to send me some payment frequently and usually they pay other people by their added payment methods i.e ACH, Direct bank debit or Credit Card. but for me they somehow cannot send by those means. They called and talked to customer services and the representatives told them to ask the recipient to contact the support.

As my account has not made transactions worth up to $100, I am not able to get across on call to Payoneer customer support on phone.

I logged back into my account and noticed i am yet to fill a global service questionnaire which i have since filled a month ago and submitted for approval but this is yet to get approved.

- How can I update my account so the payer can send me payment directly by Credit card/Debit Card/ACH ?

- How can I verify the status of my account, regards to receiving payment VIA ACH.

- How long do I have to wait before my Global questionnaire gets approved?
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