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Pending Payment more than 7 days - Verification Issue

blissful Member Posts: 1
I have a pending payment has not loaded to my account. It has passed 7 days. Why is it so? I tried to verify by updating my address. But it failed. I am not sure what should i do to expedite the payment process. Kindly help.


  • LauraPayoneer
    LauraPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 716 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @blissful. We can see that you already provided the requested document, so your case was sent to our approval department for review. You should be notified via email in the next few days.

  • pendingpayments
    pendingpayments Member Posts: 1
    Please help me Laura,

    I'm having the same issues. I already sent my gov id and address bill but my account was closed. I really need this money, I have more than 4 pending payments and now my money is gone?

    Where's my money? I'm really worried about the pending payments I've worked hard for months but didn't received any cent.

    Please help me to recover my pending payments. Where did they go after an account is closed?

  • GloryT
    GloryT Member Posts: 2
    Hi Payoneer,
    My payment has been pending since 21st of sept,2020. Today is 1st of October. I have uploaded verification documents since 21st sept 2020.till today, payment is pending. I am a writer with my book signed to good novel and this is my ist salary and earnings. Soon I will receive another payment and you have not even given me the first payment. This is frustrating. Your customer care have not responded and from my research many people are experiencing problems with pending payment. I just want my money.
    Customer ID:33447861
    Transaction Id:221308627
    PS: your questionnaire asked for my website during verification. I don't have a website so I simply presented the link to my book on the site. Please either pay my money or return it to good novel. I hate looking at the pending money and I can't touch it and I am in need. I work for my money. Writing a novel is not easy. Waiting for a favourable response asap.
  • FaiziA
    FaiziA Member Posts: 4
    @GloryT Did you receive your payment? I am asking this because I am also going through the same situation. I work as International contractor for USA based company, it's a remote job and I don't own any website but they asked me to provide URL of my website. I posted my profile link showing that I am a staff member for that particular company but not sure if it will get approved or not.