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Unable to transfer my "euro balance" to my "Prepaid Card"? WHY??

alexgharbi Member Posts: 4
I usually received payments from Upwork without problems, now, The money reaches my account to my Euro balance, and can't move that balance to my prepaid card, which is active without problems. How can I do it manually? Why is this happening? I had no issues with my account before, The main reason I use this is because it was immediate, now I have to wait? Is there another reason that I'm not aware of? What's is going on?

My customer ID 33877038

Please, I need help ASAP from a customer service agent from Payoneer or THE administrator or this blog to send this info to the proper people at Payoneer.


  • Samzys
    Samzys Member Posts: 1
    j'ai aussi le même problème ils disent qu'ils vont nous informer au moment venu. ca veut dire que nos cartes sont plus utilisables?
  • alexgharbi
    alexgharbi Member Posts: 4
    la carte fonctionne, mais le service client est horrible
  • vino97
    vino97 Member Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Je crois qu'ils sont juste un peu trop débordé en ce moment.

  • lmartincasanueva
    lmartincasanueva Member Posts: 4
    Hi @alexgharbi , I share the same problem with you - the balance of my EUR account doesn't transfer to my debit card and therefore my balance in my card is O and I can't use it :-( Were you able to solve it? Please share your comments. Thanks