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CUSTOMER SERVICE....... or customer stress-vice?

abee Member Posts: 4
I am travelling. My card expires before i get home. I have given payoneer govt issued ID along with stamped government document attesting the address. I have no bills. Bank statements are paperless. Payoneer REFUSES to recognize the gove ID plus stamped document . This means that after 8 years with payoneer, after suffering through the worst week when my funds were frozen, I will be left without money to continue my journey after the expiration date. This is unreal. Please help.
abeeabee 7:09AM
Please note that not all govt ID and stamped address verification looks like USA/EUROPE/ENGLAND and rest of Western world and it is deeply prejudicial that my submission should be denied on account of it being 'different' The ID with photo only has the city, and Country, the stamped document (stamped with government seal) has my name , govt ID # and my address to which i need the new card sent. Caution for my security is appreciated but downright wickedness and stress is evil
i am stressed and pressed... There is being stuck in covd, there was funds freeze..... does this also have to be? If i sound evil i have been dealing with this for over a month.