US Payment service approval

RueRue Member Posts: 1

Its Ironic that you guys have such awesome reviews and ratings yet here I am a very disgruntled client. It is with regards to the service aforementioned. I have come across a review where a very happy client applauds you for approving their application for use in less than an hour. In juxtaposition, I replied to your automated questionnaire immediately, yet its been a month and still no reply from the concerned department. Who do I need to talk to to fast-track thr review of my application? I'm really tired of chatting with support personnel who keep giving me some bull about my application being 'under review.' Does it mean that you guys are giving priority to some applicants and selectively ignoring others?! I'm tired of chatting up a customer rep who gives me some crap about 'The US Payments Service application is under review' and no solid response or solution to my problem. I need someone out there to respond in a straightforward manner and address this with utmost urgency please.




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