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16.3% fees?

KaZgUrU Member Posts: 3
Dear Community-Support,

I have received my first paycheck today. As regarding to the fee-policy, a maximum of 3% fee could have been deducted.

I was payed 18$ and 15.30% were deposited to my account, leading up to 16.3% fees!

Please explain to me why it is this high!

Best regards,
M. Bauer


  • KaZgUrU
    KaZgUrU Member Posts: 3
  • umarpak
    umarpak Member Posts: 20 ✭✭

    Did you make a withdraw to your bank (or you withdrew from ATM in case if you have card)

  • KaZgUrU
    KaZgUrU Member Posts: 3
    Nothing yet. It's about a loan deposit.