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Payer's bank was unable to process payment

slim_06 Member Posts: 1
Payoneer emailed me about this issue.

Kindly note that the payer's bank was unable to process payment (Transaction number), sent by: (my client's email address).

You are required to cover the amount of these funds. As your existing balance is currently insufficient to cover the payment amount of $****, this amount will be deducted from your balance upon the receipt of incoming payments in the future.

We recommend that you contact the payer directly and also send a new payment request.
---- End of Email----

How is it possible that the payment was already credited to my USD balance if the client's bank was not able to process the payment? I already withdrawn the amount to my local bank account before I got this email. This is kind of weird. Payoneer's system should have not approved the payment or it should not appear as completed in the first place if the payment was not funded by my client's bank. Please help me understand this issue.