Haven't received payment on my Payoneer account nor notification about the upcoming transaction.

Tea_STea_S Member Posts: 4

Last month I started working remotely for a company from the US. Last week they told me that they sent me the first monthly payment on:
- Customer ID: 32234125
- Amount: $800
- Date: July 10th, 2020

Unfortunately, until now, I haven't received any e-mail for the upcoming transaction nor I have notification on my Payoneer account for the upcoming transaction.

My colleague who works in the same company, received his monthly payment on his account the same day, without any problems.

Can you help me, please? It's my only income for this period.

I have already sent e-mail via the customer support center but received only auto-replay messages.

Customer ID: 32234125


  • Tea_STea_S Member Posts: 4
    Problem solved, it wasn't on Payoneer end.
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