hcastareshcastares Member Posts: 2
I have a pending transaction and I haven't received any notifications or instructions about what to do. Has been more than a week. What should I do?


  • maja3majamaja3maja Member Posts: 7
    No solution yet? same problem here...
  • gouravsaini123gouravsaini123 Member Posts: 9
    have you got the payment
  • aalia01aalia01 Member Posts: 2
    I haven't recieved the payment its pending as well, I was asked to verify business details and give pan card picture but i just gave front pocture of pan card now I'm wondering if i am supposed to give the back of the pan as well or no and if so, when will they reach out to me, its been 3 days I hope it'll be done in a week
  • hcastareshcastares Member Posts: 2
    > @gouravsaini123 said:
    > have you got the payment
    > ??

    > @maja3maja said:
    > No solution yet? same problem here...

    Nope, nothing.
  • thisaintkansasthisaintkansas Member Posts: 4
    same problem
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