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How can I Verify Paypal with Payoneer Global Payment Service (Bank)?

akamit Member Posts: 9
I opened a Paypal account and tried to verify with Payoneer Global Payment Service (Bank).

At first, I successfully verified Paypal. They sent two small payments and I submitted those figures which resulted in a successful verification.

A day later, I got an email from Paypal as follows,

--------"A recent transaction with your bank account ending in xx-xxxx didn't go through. As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.

To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account."--------

Then I noticed that I need to verify Global Payment Service with Payoneer by some questionnaire. I tried to do but Payoneer is asking for a website/store URL which I don't have because I'm a freelancer and not an agency yet.

So how do I pass this questionnaire process and later add the bank details to Paypal?

Honestly speaking, I don't know if it is allowed to use Global Payment Service to verify Paypal or if it is against Payoneer terms.

I'm using Payoneer for the last few years now and I'm very much happy with them.

So why I need a Paypal account? It is because some of my suppliers (the persons from where I outsource some services) only use Paypal and I'm having a hard time with payment.

Please help with this issue if it is okay with Payoneer terms.

B. Regards

I asked the above question in another board but no reply so far, that's why I'm posted it here again. I also looked for an option to close the other thread but found none...

Here is the old post, mods please delete to ignore duplication.