Card approval delay

gkaranjagkaranja Posts: 1Member


I applied for my payoneer debit card on May 9 and up until now it's pending approval. I really need the card to enable me make withdrawals from local ATM's. The payoneer partner I'm working with is odesk. My reference number is 2527975





  • DavidDavid Posts: 3,556Member ✭✭

    An email was sent to you on May 15 asking for more information. I have resent it to you today.

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  • mazinmazin Posts: 4Member
    Hi, I applied for a debit card from my payoneer on May 5 and up to now and is awaiting approval. I really need the card to enable me to make withdrawals from local ATMs. My reference number is 32690759. thanks,
  • morgamorga Posts: 799Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @mazin Thank you for reaching out- we checked with our team on the status of your account and sent you a follow up email as more information is needed to proceed.

  • mazinmazin Posts: 4Member
    @morga I clicked on the follow up that I received on the email and nothing came. Please Help
  • morgamorga Posts: 799Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If you do not see an email, please log in to your Payoneer online My Account
    Click "Settings" and choose "Verified Information" from the dropdown menu
    Open the relevant requirement to find a secure upload window
    Upload the required document
    Click "Submit"

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