fiverr to bank transfer via payoneer still pending?

i made a withdraw of $40 on fiverr through fiverr but it has still not reached my bank account and is showing approved but not completed???
pls review my transaction i want the money fast as i need the money on my project.
here is my transaction id 207329930
transfer id 4366182600390705

pls help me!


  • janeman
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    it happens automatically
  • TahiraTufail
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    Hi everyone, I am new to Payoneer. I have been waiting for my first payment to show in my account. Emailed Payoneer, contacted via form, but no one responded. I already submit required documents for proceedings.

    Is there any Payoneer user who never received payment or payment was delayed like for months? Please, if anyone of Payoneer reads this, please help me...
  • Valentino_Payoneer
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    Thank you for your message. We are sorry that there is a potential delay with your payment verification. Please note that in certain cases additional time is needed to verify all the information provided. For such cases we recommend to reach out to Customer Care directly.

    Please click here to message Customer Care. Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

  • VahanM
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    Hi Tahira,

    I have currently 3 payments on the pending stage already 10 days. The reason is the requested additional documents. During these days I`ve sent a bunch of documents but all my 3 upcoming payments have been declined. My clients have re-done the payments the second time and they are on pending again. I want to mention that all documents that I sent were reviewed by Payoneer Support Team then I`ve provided docs to Payment Verification Center. I don`t know what is the reason for making such difficulties. I was contacting with Payoneer Support Team every day and nobody could solve the issues. Yesterday I`ve been told that the reason for declining is that the docs I`ve provided were blurring. I`ve sent the same docs to the Support Team and asked if the docs are blurring on their end too and they said that the quality is good. Craziness. The Support Team reported their Payment Verification Center and told me to wait again 24 hours and I`ll receive an email, but as always I didn`t receive any email.
  • akango
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    You have to wait, an administrator will guide you. Thank you

  • akango
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    It comes automatically to your Payoneer account

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