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Payment Request to US Individual Clients is "not support" (but OKAY with other accounts)

undieunder Member Posts: 2
Currently the service does not support the selected payment route!

I am not sure if it is a reasonable error for me because last 6 months I've been receiving the same amount of payment 2 times per month from the same client.

Also when I've tried to send the payment request to the same client using another payoneer account, it was successful each and every time!

I don't know about any circumstance or any reason and I had no single informed or acknowledged update email or notification from Payoneer, I believed that you would be able to reach and give me a update of any taken action about my this financial account and that's because I think it is a technical error!

Thank you for your time in my issue, so glad to see you helping me!

Support Ref: 200721-022728