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ATM Didn't Dispense Cash: Dispute LOST

aleksapopovic Member Posts: 1
Hello there,

Hoping someone from the community or even the support team has encountered a similar issue. Actually, I'm hoping no one ever comes into this situation but you know what I mean.

In early May 2020, I tried to get my entire paycheck from an ATM. Notification showed up saying there aren't enough funds on the ATM so I left the area.

A few days later, I checked my account (didn't check it immediately) and I noticed I was charged for the entire sum. I immediately contacted the ATM owner, then Payoneer, and we filed a dispute after a few days when the money wasn't returned.

Fast forward late July 2020, I get a message the dispute has been closed. The customer support rep can't explain to me why the dispute was closed and who asked for it. I certainly didn't. They say it might have been requested by the ATM owner. How can someone accused of something request that the case against them be closed?

Now the dispute has been refiled again and I have to wait 90 more days for any confirmation of the status of my money.

This situation is very unpleasant and I'd like some help resolving from someone in the Payoneer team who can speak proper English. The last few reps I managed to contact via live chat were very eager to help but it was hard to communicate due to the language barrier.