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Funding source are stucked!

Sairamark Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
After the the WIRECard issue, they not learned nothing, unacceptable behaving in Live Agent chat not least need waiting 1 hour to contact, then he, ERICH , yes you are wanted soon as possible to rid of me, and leave me that hard situation my problem not solved!

Story is, I have requested a payout 3 days ago on 99Design, that still pending. Then realized that, there is message: awaiting account approval from Payoneer, you will recieve a confirmation email. What? Since 4 years I have account and aproved…but, Of course didn't got that any new confirmation email so far.

I have been sent a message to 99D, but they not respect me with any help even a reply, Payoneer live agent couldn't solved that problem! He he shook me off. Pushed back the ball to 99D. So my money is in the air, and either side not communicate. I feel it is unexceptable!