PayPal withdraw to a Payoneer disabled account

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Hi folks,

I made by mistake a transfer this past 29 Jun from my PayPal account to a bank account registered by Payoneer but the transaction was cancelled by Payoneer since this account was down a while ago.

Today I called Payoneer and they say that the transaction was refunded and out of his systems, but I cannot see my money back on PayPal, they give me some numbers to track the transaction with PayPal but they need contact the bank.

I called Bank of America and they say that that account does not exists or Payoneer are the owner, so I'm unable to know about that transaction with them.

How many time this can take?

How I can know where is my money?

I get from Payoneer this data:

ReturnReason (R23_CreditEntryRefusedByReceiver) and ReturnTraceNumber

What can I do with that useless info?

Thanks in advance


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    @r0b3rt0 Hello,

    Please submit a screenshot of the communication you had with PayPal that the funds have not been returned yet. Please submit this directly to our department so an investigation can begin to locate the missing funds.

    Thank you.

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