Account Not Approved

Dawood123Dawood123 Member Posts: 1
My account has not been verified its more than 4 days nor I have not received any mail about its status I have provided everything in the verification center. Customer id: 15476279
And I am not getting any answers from customers to support either. and I am receiving This Message From Fiverr When I click on withdraw ( It looks like you've already submitted your Payoneer application.
Please contact our Customer Support department for more details. )
Kindly resolve this issue.


  • dimmadimma Member Posts: 3
    Same here. How do I know if it's approved, cause I tried linking my account number and routing number in my global payment to my PayPal account and it's showing not validated. Please what do I do, when do I start making use of my account. Payooner should at least send me mail regarding my account status.
  • dimmadimma Member Posts: 3
    Someone please, I need help. What do I do. I have sent payooner all they asked for. I need advice please
  • dimmadimma Member Posts: 3
    And too, how do I reach pazpayooner private
  • Muhammad_AyubMuhammad_Ayub Member Posts: 4
    I created a bank account on Payoneer 10 days ago, the account status is still pending review. Could you help me, please?
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