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erickLeslieFrederickLeslieFred Member Posts: 4
Hello my ID: 39024838 why is there no live chat support available on my account?


  • erickLeslieFrederickLeslieFred Member Posts: 4
    and when I insert the live chat link on my own, it closes and does not connect to the operator here is a screenshot
  • erickLeslieFrederickLeslieFred Member Posts: 4
    When contacting through -> Send Message. It always sends automated reply from <[email protected]> with incorrect information. "My Requests" shows empty list, but I sent multiple requests in previous day
  • erickLeslieFrederickLeslieFred Member Posts: 4
    when to wait for an answer and what is the reason
  • PoltronasPoltronas Member Posts: 4
    Yep yep yep, you're basically describing exactly what I'm experiencing too. This site is a total mess and doesn't offer any kind of customer support whatsoever. There are at least 2 other guys I saw on the forum the past few days that have the exact same issue.

    Sorry I cant give u a good reply, but just know you're not alone in this
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