National ID card not verified

Azha_JavedAzha_Javed Member Posts: 2
Hi there. I have been trying to get my account verified. My national ID card is in the Urdu language. I submitted my scanned ID card copy for two times and it wasn't approved. What do I do?


  • PoltronasPoltronas Member Posts: 4
    Sit n cry, because they simply don't give a crap their customers. It happened to me as well. Rejection, rejection, rejection. No explanation given, my support tickets weren't responded, my topic here on this forum was completely ignored too, chat won't work... anyway, a total disaster this site.

    If u have another option bro, i strongly recommend u registering for a different payment site, because this is a total mess. I hope someone other than me is gonna comment here, but it's hard. Best of luck.
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