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Problem in Payonner account.

mariletepithan Member Posts: 2
I have a problem with my payoneer account for a month now and no one can help me.

I ask someone to help me, nobody answers me.

I ask to delete the account, no one answers me.

I call on facebook, twitter ... nobody answers.

I entered an incorrect bank account in the account 38843191, my son's bank account

As it is under verification, I am unable to delete it and register a new one.

When I send my documentation (National ID), it returns saying that it was not accepted. Obviously not, because the ID is mine and the bank account is someone else's with another ID.

I'm in this infinite loop and I have no idea how I can get out.

The problem could be solved simply in 3 ways:

1 - Allowing me to connect another payonner account on udemy.
2 - Removing the registered bank account and allowing me to insert a new one.
3 - Deleting all my accounts, allowing me to create a new account.

Instead, they prefer to make a fool of me. Nobody answers me, much less show interest in helping me.

I currently receive through PayPal. I want to switch to Payonner but I can't.