Customers Service Is Bad from Payoneer

Hi, I do not have the 'Global Payment Service' option under 'receive'.

I want to apply for Global Payment Service, my Customer ID 38638521.

I am really disappointed with Payoneer. How am I supposed to pay and get paid worldwide if I can not even get any customer support from anyone, I have emailed Payoneer customer services. However, two months later I still have not heard from you guys, All I need is a global account to receive money through stripe and other platforms. However, this has been a nightmare.

My account has been approved however I do not know what the issue is and I did not get any email to say otherwise.

Please help me, I am on the verge of giving up on my hope through COVID-19 . I lost my job as the company I worked for could not see me in their futur so I decided to start a e-commerce site however I cant not set up payment gate way with stripe as I find myself in africa, Namibia

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