Unable to withdraw Balance from USD

Hi! I recently received my amount from fiverr to my payoneer account. the balance is also showing on my account but when I try to withdraw , it does not show me my USD balance. I have also a Jazz cash account attached with my payoneer but the USD balance also showing zero on my jazz cash account. please help me in this issue. thanks


  • LauraPayoneer
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    Hi there. The card is expired, that is why you can't withdraw. You need to order a new card via your Payoneer account. If you have any issues while doing it, it is always recommended to contact our Customer Support department - http://paynr.co/1vYn4xt via the link or sending a private message via Facebook/Twitter.

  • nomankhan124
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    Thanks for your quick response. OK, I try to contact on Facebook.
  • umairk83
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    Hi by mistake I have selected the Fiverr revenue card and ordered payoneer card. I want to cancel the payoneer requested card and transfer the payment to Bank Transfer. Please advise.