Can't withdraw my USDs

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I can't withdraw my balance to a bank account. Every time I try to do that, this error message appears:

"We’re sorry but the application has encountered an error in processing your request. Please try again later."

My USD card is expired.Please help


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    Hi there. Please note in order to have access to your funds, you need to have a valid USD card. Please order a new card. If you have any questions regarding the process to order a new card, please contact our Customer Support Team in
  • ibnrahkmibnrahkm Member Posts: 2
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    I ordered one new card.but it's not arrived.then i ordered an euro card and its arrived and activated.Now is there anyway to withdraw the funds?
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    Hey there @ibnrahkm,

    We kindly advise you to contact our Customer Support in order to receive assistance regarding the status of your account, card and services.

    You can find all our communication tools here, and you also can contact us through our social network by sending a private message to our official page on Facebook or Twitter.

    Thank you and a have a good one! :)

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