Insurance in case of stolen card / fraudulent use

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I have used several cards in the past and i'm very recent to payonner.

Although, i've been using it very actively and when your account starts growing fast, some questions start passing by your head:


In case of stolen card or fraudulent use, i know i can report to payoneer and ask them to cancel the card... but sometimes this is not enough and usually not on time!


Couple of years ago someone accessed by card details and made some payments in Russia and Asia, without me authorizing. The bank covered all the money and I had no problem, neither lost my funds.


I doubt payonner have any kind of insurance or liability when this problems happen.

Can anyone confirm? Am i wrong?


This makes you start thinking if it's better to have money on the card or just withdraw the money and put it below the pillow.


From the FAQ i see:


You may cancel your card, by sending an e-mail request to Customer Support. Please state the last 4 digits of your card and the name of the cardholder, as it appears on the card. Payoneer will cancel the card. You may withdraw the remaining funds at an ATM*.




There is no other mention on fraudulent use on payoneer website.

Anyone can give me a help?
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