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This morning I tried to request payment for the first time. However, Payoneer required some info from me like personal ID and business information. I submitted the information and received an email that I can now send payment requests. Then, I clicked Request payment and entered all the information. When I tried uploading the invoice there was a problem. This lasted for a long time, so I refreshed the page, so I had to enter all the information again. However, this time, whenever I clicked the button to request a payment it kept redirecting me to the login page. After I repeated this for 5-6 times, the request payment button disappeared. I now have no option on my dashboard to request a payment. When I hover the Receive button I just see two options - Global payment service and Mass payout companies. No request a payment option.


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    @saramiteva Hello,

    We do apologize for this inconvenience. We recommend you contact our support center directly so an investigation can proceed. Please provide a complete screenshot of the error message you are receiving and a detailed explanation of what has occurred so far.

    Once you do, and agent will respond to you accordingly.

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    Hey @saramiteva! We see that the issue was solved and you could send the payment request already.
    For immediate assistance, it is always recommended to contact our Customer Support department via the link - or sending a private message via Facebook/Twitter.

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