Amazon says payment accepted by Payoneer on 30 July. Payoneer says nothing received !!!!!!!!

uer786uer786 Member Posts: 9

1. Amazon sent me payment on 30 July. Amazon confirmed yesterday that the sent payment was accepted by the receiver.

2. I dont see any payment here.

3. Tried the contact form, only receive auto reply.

4. Emailed at [email protected] but no response.

5. Started a discussion on forum, it was closed by a payoneer staff stating just that 'no payment is received'.

No one willing to tell what's happening.

Can a senior, responsible Payoneer staff give update status of payment



  • EmyPayoneerEmyPayoneer Administrator, Moderator, Members Posts: 131 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @uer786

    We just sent you an email regarding your payment.

    Please reply with the requested information so we can investigate your case further.


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