I forgot my security question -> account locked

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I forgot my security question, which lead to my account locked. I tried to reset my password as written in here https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7311/~/how-can-i-reset-my-security-questions

But after click the link in the email it said that "It looks like you didn’t finish signing up. Go to the signup page and reenter your details."

I tried to as customer support but it required me to login so I don't know where to ask and get support!

Regarding this comment https://community.payoneer.com/en/discussion/comment/187288#Comment_187288
I clicked "Continue" but I don't know what to do next, "Live Chat" and "Call Us" require login which I can't, "Send message" is like automated answer.


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    I want to change my First Century Bank to Community Federal Savings Bank because i have to transfer money from my paypal account to this.
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    Hi there!
    For such matters, kindly call our support team or even send a private message to them via Facebook/Twitter

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    Hi there @HA7 Adding the US Payment Service details to Paypal should work, however for it to work, you need to have a card linked and verified to your Paypal Account. If you do not have a card verified on your Paypal Account, Paypal will continue rejecting the US Payment Service details you are attempting to link.

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