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Is Payoneer right for my Marketplace?

producthired Member Posts: 1
Hello all,
Getting a Sales Rep on Payoneer seems to be impossible so I'll ask here.

I run ProductHired, and we're launching a Coaching Marketplace.

- Essentially users will be able to find a career coach/mentor on our platform.
- We want coaches to be able to click a button to connect their account to ProductHired so we can send them money.
- Users will be able to place a booking and pay for the session (either via their Payoneer account, or through CC, or any other source)
- We want that money to go to the Coach, with a split-off- transaction fee for ProductHired.
- We don't want to hold the money for tax and liability reason. (Unless there is some form of Escrow that isn't 'owned' by ProductHired.
- We want the Coach's to handle any applicable taxes, fees, etc... (i.e. they get charged)
A) If the coach doesn't show up, we want the user to click a button, and we can via API easily send a refund (pull back money from both ProductHired and the Coach).
B) If for any other reason the coach wants to issue a refund, through our system (API) the coach can initiate the refund and it takes it from our system and theirs and sends it back to the user.

Is Payoneer right for us?


  • Valentino_Payoneer
    Valentino_Payoneer Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 172 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for your message. Please fill all the details about your company in the "Contact Sales" form available here, and a Sales Representative will contact you within few business days.

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