About private loads and unknown new policies!

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Dear Nissim A.


Since you locked this post for comments:




where I was going to make my question I will open another thread then.


I totally agree with the people frustrated with the hidden or unknown new policies payoneer put on the cards and didn't even bother to let us know so we could sort it out.


So my questions about your responses on that thread:


Nissim: "I do not know the exact limit (for security reasons) however if you are active in getting paid from any of our partners or the US Payment Service you should not run into any issues with the restriction".


--- What do you mean by being active with the US payment? I mean how often we should get paid from your partners? I saw a person on the thread saying that he had received on the 3rd of May a payment from paypal, but only 4 days later he was not being able to make private loads.


--- If I get a payment from one of your partners today. Will the service for private loads be reactivated automatically or we (and you) have to pass through the nuisance of writting support for it to be activated again?


Please clarify on the being active so we know what to do... I'm sure you agree that it's nonsense to comply with a law that we have no idea. For instance. I had been keeping the money inside my paypal account for several weeks from my fiverr payments, also from my clickbank commisions... in order to withdraw a bigger amount to the payoneer card. Do I have to withdraw payments of a few dollars every day to comply with your new hidden terms?  I hope you understand we want to know what being active means to payoneer now, so we can continue using our card properly.


If you don't know the answer please make preasure to the company so you can give us a real response... I mean a response that actually gives a solution instead of confusing us. You already said crearly in your posts that the card is mainly to be use for the US payment services. We got that.


Thank you for your help in this matter, because you are the only one who at least gives some response about it.




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    Hi Heberth,



    Our policy related to the service has not changed, simple we updated the availability in order to make it more clear to our account holders. Your Payoneer account is a solution for you to receive payments from any of our official partners, or via our US Payment Service (for example with Fiverr you can withdraw directly to your card for only $1 per payment). The private loading service is an additional service that we offer to accounts that are active via those methods.


    What does that mean? Basically it means that that main use of your account should not be private loading. If you are receiving payments via those methods and are not inactive for a period of more than 6 months, you will not experience any issues. The only time you will be unable to use the service is if you are inactive for a period of time longer than 6 months, or if your total payments amounts during that time period are extremely low. 

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