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Still pending approval after 6 days (since Aug 16)!!!???

chevy_83 Member Posts: 2
I haven't had any issue in the past. Why is my payment still pending approval? It's been pending since August 16th, 2020. I have contacted customer service (3 days ago) and live chat a day ago about this. They informed that they need to forward this issue to the Payments Department and they'll give me an update within 24 hours but I haven't received any update. Seriously? What's going on Payoneer?


  • jhinaut
    jhinaut Member Posts: 6
    I have the exact same issue! My payment was sent to me last August 17th, 2020 and it's still pending to this day. They are asking for my work contract which we do not have since we're online freelancers! Payoneer is just simply holding on to our hard earned money. It's such a cruel thing to do to an honest working online freelancer. We didn't steal the money, we worked hard for this, we're not asking you to give us money, we are simply asking you to give us what is ours.
  • hopfrog
    hopfrog Member Posts: 2
    hello! your payment still in pendent?