my card didn't arrive 5 months ago

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Hi there,


I've applied to payoneer on Jan 14, 2013 and I've request my master card by Jan 16, approved and sent on Jan 19th, estimated to arrive between Mar 19, and Mar 26.


I've waited from Mar 19 to Mar 26 but it didn't arrive, So I requested new one, Approved and sent Apr 9,  estimated to arrive between 07 May 2013 and 14 May.


And now is May 22, 2013 and I didn't receive it.


Of course during this period I was checking my post office and they told me that the problem is, the they've sent it by the regular mail, and it could be lost at any point , since it International mail, also it is almost impossible to trace it since it has no tracing number, and I must tell payoneer to sent it by the (Registered mail)


Now I was going to talk to the support, but I fund it offline, so I wanted to take your opinion


The question is, what could fix this problem, I've saw many stories about payoneer cards didn't arrive as mine

Do you think that If they sent it with the Registered mail with Tracing number, It could be better?


My point is, if it has tracing number, and it lost but it still registered in your post office documents, it will be easy for you to get it even if they sent it to the lost mail section




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