I'd love Payoneer to work with Ko-fi and Skeb.

Hi there! I'm a content creator from Brunei who does art commissions online.

I'd really appreciate it if I can link my Payoneer account to Ko-fi and Skeb (a Japanese online art commissions website, kinda like Fiverr) so that I can do international commissions more efficiently.

I've tried linking my Japanese Payoneer bank account to Skeb but for some reasons I cannot withdraw my money into that account. Please help me resolve this issue as the error results in me losing money over withdrawal error fees.


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    edited August 23

    Hey there! Thank you for your input! We are always looking to expand our services and partner with more companies. We will pass this along to our team and hope this can be integrated in the future.

    Regarding the issue with your Japanese bank details provided by Payoneer, if the issue is to link with Skeb, you need to contact them to understand if they accept these details.

  • ChiomaUgwuokeChiomaUgwuoke Member Posts: 2
    Hello, please I'd like to know why my transaction is still pending. I have to withdraw other funds from fiverr and Upwork and also make payments, and it's not helping that the first transaction has been pending since August 21st. Please can you help me resolve this. I can resubmit ID and other things if that's what is causing the delay.

    Thank you.
  • mechPenSketchmechPenSketch Member Posts: 2
    Is there a way to keep track with Payoneer's progress in combatability of Ko-fi? I've asked in Ko-fi help whether it'll work with Payoneer but haven't received any replies yet.
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