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I'm using payoneer since 2011 and it was working smoothly for me until last night.

My card was loaded with $600, payment no. 6831833. The status of payment is "waiting for approval".

This was a private load which was sent by employer from United States (U.S). Normally, approval takes few hours and we are provided with an estimated date of load but it didn't happen this time.

I did some research and found that if I'm exceeding my private load limit, there are high chances that my this payment will be rejected.


I found that the private load limit on new cards is $300 but this can be increased by using Payoneer to get funds from their official partnerts. I am not sure what private load limit is. However, I have made 3 withdrawal from to payoneer which is an official partner of Payoneer. That should increase my limit.


I have already received two private loads this month.

1. Amount ($200)  Date (05/11/2013)  Payment ID (6741938)

2. Amount ($600)  Date (05/18/2013)  Payment ID (6809680)


I have received two payments from official partner ( this month:

1. Amount ($190)  Date (05/09/2013)  Payment ID  (6732014)

2. Amount ($50)    Date (05/16/2013)  Payment ID  (6798900)


The current payment, about which I'm concerned has following details. It is private load.

Amount ($600)  Date (05/21/2013)  Payment ID (6831833)  Status (Payment waiting for approval).


The Current Scenario (Evidences available)


I am not in my own country and I am on trip to another country. I can legally stay here till saturday. I have made travel arrangements to travel to another country before getting back to my own country. I have truly relied on Payoneer for this trip as it was a trusted partner before. If I am not getting funds, there is a big certainity that I can't travel to my next destination and I can't even go back to my country. Getting illegal here might cost my few days jail and deportation at the end.



I'm not sure, if it is something regarding private load limit or it is due to some othe procedures. I never knew about private load before or about a seperate private load limit. All I knew was one word 'UNLIMITED'. I know it is not a fault from Payoneer end but they should clearly mention it somewhere.


1. Is this something regarding my private load limit?

2. What exactly is my private load limit?

3. If it isn't a private load limit issue, than what is the exact issue and how soon it can be resolved?

4. Is there any chance to increase this limit (By Requesting an increase)?
5. As a favor (Considering my scenario with Evidences), will I be allowed to make this transaction?

6. Interestingly, I was expecting 2 more private loads ($900 each). Is there any possibility for that?
7. I at least need this $600 transaction to travel back to my country.

I know the post is too long to read and there are a lot of questions to answer but I am in a situation where I haven't been able to do anything other than refreshing my payments page on since, 6pm EDT yesterday. Failure to receive funds from have serious consequences for me including a $2000 for the bookings that I have made for the next country. I have no other payment funding source. So, there is no other choice for me.


You migh need my card number. The last 4 digit of my card no. are '7970' and payoneer ID is [email protected]


If it something regarding verification, I have already sent my identity through a support ticket # LTK1215301011617X




I desperately need a response!


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    I just received an email from Payoneer. They mentioned that they need a photo ID and Credit Card that should be sent to them.

    So, it means that private load limit is not an issue. The loader has sent me a $600 payment few days back that was approved. This is the second one from him. I will request him to provide these details.


    1. How long will it take in verification process after loader has sent the required documents?

    2. Is there any possibility to complete this process and get funds in my account by Friday?

    3. I am still concerned about my private load limit and I would like to know how much I am allowed. I was planing to get upto $3000 from the same employer every month. How can I do that?



    Desperate to get a respons!

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    Hi, please note, once documents received it can take up to 2 business days for the payment to reviewed. In order to learn your load limits, please contact our customer support.

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    So, my employer/loader has sent the verification documents. I called customer support and told them about the update and they said that they have received the documents. However, they refused to verify the loader as the back side of the credit card wasn't included. I contacted loader again and he told me that the back side of the card is on 2nd page. I called customer support again and I wasn't confirmed that either second page has been checked or not. However, the guy told me that he can try his best to get funds in my account today but he can't gurantee about quick load.

    Following my scenario as stated above, is there anyway to speed up this process or everything will go useless? Loader has sent all requested documents. There shouldn't be anymore delays.


    Any help, please?

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    I see that this payment has been completed and is pending to be loaded to your card. You can view the estimated loading date by signing in to your My Account page.

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