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Why is my payment still pending?

sohrab_khan Member Posts: 1
Hey there,

This is the first time that I have seen such a thing. For the last few years, I have been receiving my payments regularly, and without any delays. My recent payment of around 350 EUR was to be reflected in my Payoneer account on 21st August 2020. So far, it shows up only in the Upcoming section. I was asked to provide some details about the payment, including:

- A URL that shows my name, phone number, business, address and so on (I do not own any website except for a blog)
- A URL that relates me to my employer (which I provided)
- A connection to account name (slightly confused on that one though)

Here is the situation. I get my payments from my employer into a Paypal account. Since I reside in a country where Paypal has yet to be introduced, I asked my wife's sister to create an account for me (she lives in Ireland). Using that account, I transfer the payment to Payoneer, and from here to my eventual local account.

I have given all the details I can, but I am not too sure how long it would take for them to clear the payment. Can anyone here guide me on what can be done to get this sorted out sooner?